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Generalized Convexities

Generalized Convexities Autori: Mititelu Stefan
Colectia: Fair Partners Texts in the Mathematical Sciences
ISBN: 978-973-1877-59-4
Pagini: 314+xii
An aparitie: 2011
Descriere scurta: The author has a long research activity in the generalized convexity domain and the book contains numerous results of him.
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The book presentation in the real functions framework on the space Rn ensures it a simple unfolding, illustrated with numerous examples and figures, that make it easy of access by a large group of people which are interested in the convexity theory. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 can constitute sources for convexity or generalized convexity universitary courses for students from the economy faculties and by the new notions and results, it is interesting for economists, engineers, professors of applied mathematics, researchers in the domains of convexity and decisional processes optimization.

The models of functions, offered by the book allow the enlargement of application sphere of the optimization theory. The methods of obtaining new generalized convex or invex functions broaden the framework for numerous algorithms from the decisional processes optimization theory.

The paper is written in the researcher’s spirit, offering a large notions sphere, accompanied by numerous numerical examples, it quoted the results paternity and the years of their apparitions. In this way, the paper presents the hystorical evolution of the convexity notion.